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Welcome to the website Hot Cars and Hot Girls!  If you like either of those two then have a sit down and check us out.  Our mission here is to bring you photos and video footage from shoots that feature hot and out of the ordinary cars and maybe a few trucks and bikes, and of course hot girls of all ethnic backgrounds, shapes and sizes.  We here at Nsane realize different people have different tastes so we try to showcase Models who are not just good looking but have something that will make you want to take a second look at them.  We're not just about the blonde haired blue eyed babe with big boobs, yes we will feature that, but also get ready to check out some dark haired exotic beauties who may be Asian, Blasian, or even Caucasian.  The only thing we require of our Models is that the look and smell nice, they can't write their name in the snow, and are of legal voting age.  Each Model will be posing with a fine automobile, so we will show photos that display the best angle for the smooth curves of both female and machine. Besides dedicated photo shoots we will also show pics and videos from the many car shows we attend locally and around the country such as Hot Import Nights, the SEMA Show, and The North American International Auto Show.  If it has hot cars and hot women we will try to bring it to you.  So feel free to check out our many galleries and if you feel you have an exotic car or Model that needs to appear on here, go to contact page and drop us a line and we will see what we can do.  To start the experience click on the link bar above. To check out our new Editorial read the content below.

Beautiful Women and Hot Cars Obviously we love gorgeous women in any setting, but there's just something about hot women and fast cars that can really get a guy's engine revving. So it's not that surprising that when you put the two together for a movie, it quickly makes it to the top of every guy's must-see list.

But in recent years, a few women have definitely stood out as the most memorable actresses to ever pair up with a hot ride. Take a look at a few of our favorites.

The Women of The Fast and the Furious

There have been too many stunning women throughout the Fast and Furious franchise to possibly name them all. But some deserve their own shout out.

Most importantly, there's Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto and Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz, both of whom own this franchise. They've been the Fast and Furious girls for five different films, and you can bet that fans aren't at all tired of seeing these two beauties.

Eva Mendes also deserves some credit for her role in the franchise's second film. Playing Monica Fuentes, she was working undercover and looking amazing doing so in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Plus, as US Magazine reported in September, she just had her first baby, likely securing herself as the MILF on our list—and maybe even MILF of the year.

Imogen Poots

Stunning girl. Funny Name.

Breakout actress Imogen Poots was the female star of this year's Need for Speed. In the film adaptation of the popular video game, Poots played the role of Julia and was everything fans could have imagined for the role. She was smart, strong, and almost painfully pretty. However, best of all, she knew her cars, and the girl could drive.

One look into those piercing blue eyes and she had us hooked.

Eva Angelina

Angelina added some significant heat to the ever popular "hot girls running a car wash" fantasy during her 10-year career as a pornographic actress. She's starred in two professional adult films with a car washing theme, Anal Car Wash Angels and Car Wash Girls. According to Adam and Eve, her scene with Alexis Texas in Car Wash Girls even awarded her a 2011 AVN award for "Best Tease Performance."

But this buxom beauty is much more than her looks. She understands the business and knows that she needs a way to support herself when she's no longer interested in porn (or vice versa). Earlier this year Vice reported that the star received her real estate license, making her financially secure with a solid back up plan for her family's future.

An unconventional (but none the less gorgeous) honorable mention has to go to Angelina Jolie as Sway in Gone in Sixty Seconds. Even those long white-blond dreads couldn't distract us from her mesmerizing smile.

While we love reminiscing over these smoking actresses' roles alongside our favorite rides, hopefully there will be more movies and names we can add to the list in the future. But for now, who makes your list of the hottest stars to pair up with best cars?

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